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Porcupine Tree - Stupid Dream album download

Porcupine Tree - Stupid Dream album download

Porcupine Tree
Stupid Dream
Art Rock,Experimental,Alternative/Indie Rock,Experimental Rock,Post-Rock,Prog-Rock
January, 1998 - November, 1998
Recording location:
Cedar Arts Centre, Derby
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1734 mb
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Авторы текста и музыки. Steven Wilson, Richard Barbieri, Chris Maitland, Colin Edwin. The Orchard Music (от лица компании "Kscope"); ASCAP, CMRRA, UMPG Publishing, UBEM, UMPI" и другие авторские общества (6). Композиция. The Orchard Music (от лица компании "Kscope"); CMRRA, UMPG Publishing, UBEM, UMPI" и другие авторские общества (5).

Stupid Dream is the fifth studio album by British progressive rock band Porcupine Tree. It was first released in March 1999, and then re-released on 15 May 2006 due to the band's rising popularity on major record label Lava Records with their releases of In Absentia in 2002 and Deadwing in 2005.

Stupid Dream Tracklist. 2. Piano Lessons Lyrics. 3. Stupid Dream Lyrics. 4. Pure Narcotic Lyrics.

Stupid Dream was Porcupine Tree's fifth studio album. Although quite a popular release, Stupid Dream firmly follows the direction that was started on the band's previous album (Signify), that being a more song oriented approach. Wilson himself has been quoted as saying that a major influence on him while writing this album was the music he was listening to at the time, which was much more vocally oriented. The fifth studio album from Porcupine Tree called Stupid Dream is a change in course for the band. The more vers chorus song approach had already started on their previous album Signify which was released three years before Stupid Dream, but on Stupid Dream the change is complete. The music is slow to mid paced atmospheric prog rock.

Porcupine Tree - Stupid Dream (1999) Slave Called Shiver. Porcupine Tree - Stupid Dream (1999) Baby Dream in Cellophane. Porcupine Tree Deadwing (CD-2 Full Album).

Stupid Dream, is in retrospective, Porcupine Tree's Dark Side of the Moon. This was their first their breakout album, and it was highly progressive and psychedelic, just like Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. The songs flow together, they are heavily psychedelic, rhythm-driven, and all hold their own in the end. From the beginning, the album kicks off with a bang with Even Less, which is an incredible, progressive epic that is one of the best openers to an album of all time. Or, of course there's the catchy, upbeat, psychedelic Piano Lessons to please your.

Porcupine Tree, Stupid Dream. by Porcupine Tree - 12 Tracks - 59:57. Release date 04/06/1999.

Track List

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 Even Less Steven Wilson Porcupine Tree 7:11
2 Piano Lessons Steven Wilson Porcupine Tree 4:21
3 Stupid Dream Steven Wilson Porcupine Tree 0:28
4 Pure Narcotic Steven Wilson Porcupine Tree 5:02
5 Slave Called Shiver Steven Wilson Porcupine Tree 4:40
6 Don't Hate Me Steven Wilson Porcupine Tree 8:30
7 This Is No Rehearsal Steven Wilson Porcupine Tree 3:26
8 Baby Dream in Cellophane Steven Wilson Porcupine Tree 3:15
9 Stranger by the Minute Steven Wilson Porcupine Tree 4:30
10 A Smart Kid Steven Wilson Porcupine Tree 5:22
11 Tinto Brass Porcupine Tree Porcupine Tree 6:17
12 Stop Swimming Steven Wilson Porcupine Tree 6:53
  • From the opening chords of Even Less you know you're in for a treat here! Dramatic, delicate , catchy and powerful in equal measure alongside In Absentia PTs most fully realised album. A Smart Kid is worth the entry fee alone! Fantastic!

  • Porcupine Tree has a uniquely reflective, dreamy rock sound, along with heightened guitars at all the right times which never feel out of place. They are a particularly ideal soundtrack for sitting out under the night sky and contemplating life, as if the entire slew of modern innovations leading up to this moment in time were for the sole purpose of getting someone to produce these exact sounds in order to bring the universe into a cosmic harmony.Stupid Dream is Porcupine Tree's finest album from the 1990s, and third best overall behind Deadwing and In Absentia. It's also one of the five best albums of 1999. In other words, it's got everything going for it. Steven Wilson's creative peak with Porcupine Tree can be traced from 1992 to 2005, with Stupid Dream right in the middle of that period. Many of the tracks are solid entries, starting off with "Even Less", and including "A Smart Kid", "Stranger By the Minute", "Stop Swimming", and "Pure Narcotic". Three of the five best songs come toward the end of the album, so it packs a real punch after having meandered a while in between mid- to high-quality material. This makes for quite a climactic final twenty minutes.One can't go wrong with just about any Porcupine Tree album, as they're musicians of the highest order, and Stupid Dream is a fine introduction to what they can do.

  • This is perhaps one of the most underappreciated Porcupine Tree´s discs. “Stupid Dream” is primarily based on progressive rock combined with some pop sensibilities in the songwriting and a blend of melodic and energetic heavy metal and psychedelic rock performances. “Stupid Dream” starts with the progressive track “Even Less”, which features some metal riffs –at least structurally speaking-. It is followed by the fan favorite “Piano Lessons”, which is a more pop oriented but with an energetic hard rocking guitar riff. The title track is a 30 second-interlude that leads to the magnificent “Pure Narcotic”. Next to it is “Slave Called Shiver”, a song with a psychedelic feel to it, followed by the excellent track “Don´t Hate Me”, which follows a more melodic, jazzy pattern. Other great tracks worth listening include: This Is No Rehearsal, Baby Dreams In Cellophane, Stranger By The Minute and Tinto Brass. Overall, “Stupid Dream” is IMHO a masterpiece on its own right, and its right up there to other PTree´s discs such as “The Sky Moves Sideways”, “Lightbulb Sun”, “In Absentia” and “Deadwing”. For prog rock fans-especially PTree´s fans-, this is an essential disc to be added to their collections.

  • I can freely say this is a huge step up from Signify. It is perhaps my favourite PT album, with an incredible sound, and genious song-writing. My favourite songs are Don't Hate Me, A Smart Kid and Stop Swimming. Fantastic!

  • The band's previous album: Signify (1996) was already a great record and a important transition from their early work, so people were excited to see what the band had in store and what fans got was like i said in my Signify review something very special and arguably PT's finest record of all time. Personally not my absolute favorite, but it is way up their at the top.My favorite songs of the album are: Even Less, Piano Lessons, Don't Hate Me and Stranger By The MinuteEven Less Is the opener of the album and already let's you know you're in for something special. The ominous intro is very unique and stays this way for a while to get you in a relaxed mood, which this album mostly is. We later have some great catchy riffs by guitarists, sing & songwriter Steven Wilson who also sings just very chilled and relaxing on this track and later the song gets a bit more technical, by drummer Chris Maitland who certainly delivers some great drum fills here. Great opener.Piano Lessons Starts surprisingly enough with a piano and is probably the most mainstream song of the album, complimented by great guitar effects and slow but very timed drumming, that makes this song complex and simplistic at the same time. Do you wonder why i love this band so much? They just can go in all directions. Just phenomenal. Don't Hate Me Has one of the best satisfying openings that i have ever heard. Starting with a lot of noise in the background and a guitar. The song later is pure guitar and the noise later goes away which is one of the best uses of noise i have ever heard. The rest of the song is also great, with Bassist Colin Edwin that really shines on this track, but it is one of my favorites because of the intro. So good.Stranger By The Minute Is my favorite song of the album and one of my all time favorites by the band. similair in vain to Piano Lessons The song isn't to long and is in a way very commercial, but it is so much more then that. Why this is my favorite song of the album is simple. It is the most catchy one, it is the most addictive one, i put it on replay over and over, just the overall atmosphere and feel that this song has is just unexplainable. You have to listen to it for yourself. It is (IMO) the masterpiece of the album.Overall is this a great follow up to an already great album we had previously. What makes this album so special is that the atmosphere and replayability on this album are tremendous and although i don't think this is PT's best album, i wouldn't be surprised if it your favorite and although this isn't seen as the band's best record, it is (IMO) the start of a perfect albums streak and it is one of the most special albums they have ever released. I can't really explain why Stupid Dream (1999) is so special. you have to find out for yourself. Trust me, you will not be dissapointed.Rating: 10

  • Even less is a fab opener to a strong album...Full of big sound and clever musical diversity and versatility..Don,t hate me and stranger by the minute also stand out as great tracks..Its a good album with some clever lyrics and nice vocals which certainly bring Yes to mind...Nice stuff.