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Neil Young - Trans album download

Neil Young - Trans album download

Neil Young
Synth Pop,New Wave,Album Rock,Punk/New Wave,Hard Rock
September 24, 1981 - May 12, 1982
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Commercial Recorders
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Trans is the twelfth studio album by Canadian musician and singer-songwriter Neil Young, released on December 29, 1982. Recorded and released during his Geffen era in the 1980s, its electronic sound baffled many fans upon its initial release-a Sennheiser vocoder VSM201 features prominently in six of the nine tracks

Geffen Records, Geffen Records. 25AP 2408, 25AP 2408 (GF). While this is all very strange, what I find MORE bizarre than an album almost full of Neil Young singing through a vocoder are the tracks placed A1 & B1. They are NOT vocoder synth pop tracks.

Label: Geffen Records ‎– GFLD 19357. Format: CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered. Track 7 'Sample And Hold' is an alternative version from the album 'Lucky Thirteen'. Track timings shown on liner notes and CD are incorrect, more accurate timings are listed here. All tracks published by Silver Fiddle (ASCAP) except 8: Cotillion Music In. Ten East Music & Springalo Toones BMI.

When it was released, Trans was Neil Young's most baffling album. And even when you read the words, "Computer Age," "We R in Control," "Transformer Man," "Computer Cowboy," and "Sample and Hold" seemed like a vague mishmash of high-tech jargon. A few more conventional Young songs (left over from an earlier rejected album) seemed out of place.

Neil Young told MOJO magazine that it was his handicapped son who inspired most of the album, The life of both and the one after it – Trans – were sucked up by the regime we’d committed ourselves to. See, we were involved in this programme with my young son Ben for 18 months which consumed between 15 and 18 hours of every day we had. It was just all-encompassing and it had a direct effect on the music of Re-ac-tor and Trans. You see, my son is severely handicapped, and at that time was simply trying to find a way to talk, to communicate with other people

Trans wasn’t the album that convinced David Geffen to sue Neil Young for making uncharacteristic records-that would be its follow-ups Everybody’s Rockin’ and Old Ways, the country record that plays like a made-for-TV adaptation of Harvest. But the idea had to be floating through David Geffen’s head when he first heard this record. At once Young’s coldest sounding album and his most vulnerable, Trans makes its flaws immediately apparent as soon as you press play-from the murky production to the mixed-bag tracklist. The Island songs also help highlight a major theme of Trans: it’s an album about affection. At the start of the decade, Neil Young and his wife were enrolled in intensive therapy with their son Ben, who had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The program’s long hours slowed Young’s hectic work schedule and opened him up to writing about fatherhood.

Trans - двенадцатый студийный альбом Нила Янга, выпущенный в 1982. Часть его была записана в 1980 годы, тяжелый период в творчестве Янга, когда он сотрудничал со студией Geffen. Trans озадачил многих поклонников Янга Список песен

Neil Young has a son, Ben that was born with cerebral palsy. He is unable to speak. Years later, Neil for the first time, acknowledged that this was formed as an attempt to communicate with his son. He would say At that time he was simply trying to find a way to talk, to communicate with other people. That’s what Trans is all about. After Trans, Neil would release another Geffen album called, Everybody’s Rockin’. This one would be a rockabilly record. Geffen, obviously looking for another Harvest were not pleased with either. They filed a 3 million dollar suit against Neil claiming that he produced deliberately uncommercial and unrepresentative work. The suit and Neil’s countersuit were eventually dropped.

Track List

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 Little Thing Called Love Neil Young Neil Young 3:13
2 Computer Age Neil Young Neil Young 5:24
3 We R in Control Neil Young Neil Young 3:31
4 Transformer Man Neil Young Neil Young 3:23
5 Computer Cowboy (AKA Syscrusher) Neil Young Neil Young 4:13
6 Hold on to Your Love Neil Young Neil Young 3:28
7 Sample and Hold Neil Young Neil Young 8:03
8 Mr. Soul Neil Young Neil Young 3:19
9 Like an Inca Neil Young Neil Young 9:46
  • Music criticism has always baffled me...I'm referring to this particular ALLMUSIC.com review as an example--after all, even a respected music website's critique should not be beneath criticism, itself. I'm referring to the notion that musical styles and experimental trends that are shunned or ridiculed in one era or genre of music are celebrated and become mainstream and popular in the next. It seems that Neil Young's 1982 album TRANS has received its share of detractors over the years, including AllMusic's piddly 2-star rating. Unfortunately, the criticism itself has me confused. Much of this album's critical downgrade seems to stem from the fact that Mr. Young used a vocoder to distort his voice, rendering much of the lyrics incomprehensible (at least, to the casual listener). Contemporary critics were baffled by this, as the critical response demonstrates.Fast-forward to 2016, when every artist from Cher to Beyonce to Luke Bryant seems to have used electronic distortion/modification in their vocals (yes, I'm talking about you, Auto-Tune...). The album TRANS deserves a critical reevaluation in this context. Just because Mr. Young had the balls to dabble in vocal distortion years before other mainstream artists were doing it doesn't mean the album's rating should suffer because of it. The songs on TRANS are well-written, the melodies are strong, and in these modern times, the messages in the songs seem just as relevant as ever. One of Neil's most memorable lyrics from the song "Computer Age" comes immediately to mind: "I need you to know I'm more than just a number" seems lyrically more vital today, than perhaps when it was written (I wouldn't know, I believe I was three years old when TRANS was released). I would rate TRANS as perhaps one of Neil's top three albums of the 1980s, certainly more powerful and unique than any of Neil's Geffen-era crap that came afterwards.To me, the inclusion of the "non-electronic" material on the album, such as "Like an Inca" or "Little Thing Called Love" are more of a cause for head-scratching and critical downgrade than any of the vocoder-assisted TRANS material. These songs weaken the album more than they augment it, and should have been included on a different Young album--they just don't fit here. But "Computer Age," "We R in Control", "Transformer Man," and "Sample and Hold" are very fine tracks that deserve to be rated highly in the Neil Young catalogue. TRANS is a very solid album.

  • I have little tolerance with critics who regard an artist who wishes to stretch or to explore new territory with derision. I always appreciate the effort and find rewards along the way.

  • Quite possibly the most underrated and underappreciated Neil Young album, Trans was released to unforgiving public in the last days of 1982. The music is inspiring, and the new electronic reality seems to predate the growing electro-rock movement. Young's vocals are emotional, even as they are masked by the vocoder device he was using. The message seems to be one of communication and how we can better talk to the world around us. To me, Trans is misunderstood genius, and Neil again shows how far ahead of the game he was and still is. Key tracks are Computer Age, Transformer Man, and Sample And Hold.

  • I absolutely love this album. I simply do not understand why people have such a problem with it. I was there... maybe that makes a difference. But this was cutting edge work when it was released. And the accompanying tour was outstanding as well.

  • I just bought this on vinyl and yes, it's outside of his typical shtick. But c'mon, he was hanging with DEVO during this time, while making that movie, and frankly, Neil Young is generally much cooler than his reviewers. So they didn't get it. But now? in 2017? this shit sounds way prescient, like others have said, of current trends. And it's just frankly interesting. Tonight's the Night it isn't but then who the hell expected it to be? Neil Young once again taking chances. I'm going to pick a couple of songs to play in my DJ sets and I guarantee the millenials will be asking who this is. The mix of vocoder and guitars is still super interesting. And when loud, as a single song, mixed into a set (pick the song) it can be bracing and astonshing. But you know what? It's awesome to re-evaluate stuff. Took me a long time to "get" Miles' jazz fusion stuff, now I love it, and also remember when punk incorporated metal into hardcore, a la Discharge and such? People HATED that shit too. Also Black Flag's more sludgeon metal stuff on My War. HATED. So folks, sometimes stuff is ahead of you and rediscovering it with older, fresher ears is amazing.A genius is a genius, and the masses won't always follow him/her nor will they understand their choices especially when they love the artist's older stuff, and just want more, carbon copy. But even when they try and fail they should be encouraged to explore and it's the job of the audience to catch up. A contemporary band experiencing the same shit is Liars, who with every album do something different, though they generally get lauded for it. I like Harvest as much as the next guy, but NO, not every Neil Young album is going to give you what you want or expect, but isn't that the amazing thing?

  • I was 2 years out of high school when this came out! I was a big Neil fan before this came out, and a big fan after it. This was then, ...and still to this day,... an all time favorite album of mine! And I’m talking about a favorite among “other” all time fav albums!Not just Neil albums!

  • I agree with the consensus down here; while it may be way, way off the beaten path for Neil, it's really just another example of him staying one step ahead of the Thrasher. The benefit of hindsight knowing that most of these songs are dedicated to his disabled son adds an extra touch of genuine sweetness to it as well. And, as should be obvious by now, Neil was way ahead of his time, seeming to presage a House Music that was barely known to the general public at that time. This review should be updated to fit the times, I think.

  • " Beware of album revews " Personel views of an artist from a record reviewer dont mean a thing,if you're a fan of the artist you'll either love or not love their new releases.as i am not realy a what you may call a fan of neil, i do like his music, and as far as trans as one of his releases is in my book frankly one of the good ones ( i love it actualy )

  • The album is a disaster, music mess and lunacy rolled into one bundle. I question the sanity of those who decided which recordings would be included on the album and who came up with the lunatic concept of mixing the sound of country-rock with the sound of electronic audio swill.