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» » Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming
Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming album download

Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming album download

Bob Dylan
Slow Train Coming
Contemporary Pop/Rock,Rock & Roll,Singer/Songwriter,Album Rock
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Muscle Shoals Sound Studio
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Slow Train Coming is the 19th studio album by American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, released on August 20, 1979 by Columbia Records. It was Dylan's first effort since converting to Christianity, and all of the songs either express his strong personal faith, or stress the importance of Christian teachings and philosophy. The evangelical nature of the record alienated many of Dylan's existing fans; at the same time, many Christians were drawn into his fan base

Complete your Bob Dylan collection. Slow Train Comin' ‎(LP, TP). Columbia. Slow Train Coming ‎(Cass, Album).

Released August 20, 1979. Gotta Serve Somebody is a song by Bob Dylan from his 1979 studio album Slow Train Coming.

Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming. Released August 20, 1979 Recorded April 30 – May 11, 1979 Genre Blues rock, gospel, Christian rock Length 46:19 Label Columbia Producers Barry Beckett and Jerry Wexler Writers All songs written by Bob Dylan.

Slow Train Coming is singer-songwriter Bob Dylan’s 19th studio album, released by Columbia Records in August 1979. It was the artist’s first effort since becoming a born-again Christian, and all of the songs either express his strong personal faith, or stress the importance of Christian teachings and philosophy. The evangelical nature of the record alienated many of Dylan’s existing fans; at the same time, many Christians were drawn into his fan base. Slow Train Coming was listed at in the 2001 book CCM Presents: The 100 Greatest Albums in Christian Music.

Nobody really could have expected that he would turn to Christianity on Slow Train Coming, embracing a born-again philosophy with enthusiasm. He has no problem in believing in a vengeful god - you gotta serve somebody, after all - and this is pure brimstone and fire throughout the record, even on such lovely testimonials as "I Believe in Yo.

Features Song Lyrics for Bob Dylan's Slow Train Coming album. I Believe in You Lyrics. 5. Slow Train Lyrics. 6. Gonna Change My Way of Thinking Lyrics. 7. When You Gonna Wake Up Lyrics. 8. Man Gave Names to All the Animals Lyrics.

Slow Train Coming is the nineteenth studio album by American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, released on August 20, 1979 by Columbia Records.

Track List

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 Gotta Serve Somebody Bob Dylan Bob Dylan 5:25
2 Precious Angel Bob Dylan Bob Dylan 6:31
3 I Believe in You Bob Dylan Bob Dylan 5:10
4 Slow Train Bob Dylan Bob Dylan 6:02
5 Gonna Change My Way of Thinking Bob Dylan Bob Dylan 5:29
6 Do Right to Me Baby (Do Unto Others) Bob Dylan Bob Dylan 3:54
7 When You Gonna Wake Up Bob Dylan Bob Dylan 5:29
8 Man Gave Names to All the Animals Bob Dylan Bob Dylan 4:27
9 When He Returns Bob Dylan Bob Dylan 4:31
  • Despite this album announcing Dylan as a New Born Christian and the overtly religious nature of all of the songs, this is his strongest album since Blood on the Tracks. This time around, the production, thanks to the legendary Jerry Wexler, complements the songs. Mark Knopfler's touch on guitar is just right here and there are a couple of seriously strong tunes; the album is worth getting just for Gotta Serve Somebody and Slow Train Coming. And despite me being an atheist and the songs all being about a Christian God, Dylan is on better form with his lyrics.

  • I love it when Dylan is a selv-brainwashed dogmatic born-again christian! He gets an inspired new vigour, and most of all a genuine-ness that's almost too good to be true! This time just lets loose and never looks back! With songs so great it's hard to believe, seemingly rolling out of his sleeve.The songs here all just cut right into your spine with a fervency previously unheard of, even for Dylan.Seldom has pure passion been captured this well on record.

  • It was clear on Street Legal Dylan was changing directions, what wasn't clear was what exact direction. Slow Train Coming emerges out of that change with a religious fervor and a funk sound that sounded nothing like he had done before. The music on Slow Train Coming stirs the soul, as the mix of funk/soul makes for an interesting listen. The contributions of Mark Knopfler as well as the others allow Dylan to seek out his muse quite bravely. The lyrics are clearly inspired by Dylan's Christian conversion and as a believer, I find them uplifting and transformative. Key tracks are Gotta Serve Somebody, Precious Angel, I Believe In You, and Slow Train.

  • "Slow Train Coming" is the first Bob Dylan album I ever listened to entirely. I still consider it one of his best albums, though "Blonde on Blonde" and "Freewheelin'" are even better. I noticed the album when it was on TOP 100 Christian albums of all-time as number 16. I believe what Christian music fans appreciate is the message which was written in 1979 but still is as relevant in 2018. Probably the best lyrics are in "When You Gonna Wake Up" - the song tells about the society of today - how people are full of deception, crimes, and immorality and how the criminals make the laws."Gotta Serve Somebody" is a great opening song. It tells how it doesn't matter whether you are rich or poor, young or old, strong or weak - you still gotta serve somebody. People who don't serve God are probably serving the thing said on "When You Gonna Wake Up". Atheist don't wanna be judged - they wanna judge the Christians though."Gonna Change My Way of Thinking" is an awesome song. The line tells that who isn't for God, is against Him. Remember "Gotta Serve Somebody". No middle-road."Precious Angel" and "I Believe in You" are beautiful songs. Also "Slow Train" is powerful."Do Right to Me Baby (Do Unto Others)" sounds musically very good but I don't like the lyrics so much. I think it is losing the key point. "When He Returns" - it has a good relaxing mood - waiting for the Lord but it is kinda tasteless too compared to most songs here."Man Gave Names to All The Animals" is a song which people have been mocking so many times. Tell me have you ever heard any other artist singing about this topic? It is an important topic. It is not easy to give names to the animals out of nowhere. Some people try to think a good name for their child even months and sometimes end up giving something usual - nothing wrong with that though. When you are giving names to animals, you cannot give the same name. It tells that man was smart back the days. Also when you give them names, you control them - like when you get a child, you must have control over them. The song is very good although not one of my favorites.The album is one of Bob Dylan's best ones. It was important for him and for the Christian music.

  • There are two Dylan albums that still monopolize my listening time. Blood on the Tracks and this one. The compositions on Slow Train are not up to the standards of Blood or his classic core lps. but it is still a compelling powerful listen that has held up over the years. Like the Allmusic reviewer says, it is truly a triumph of performance more than substance. Not that the music is bad or mediocre even, it is quite good, and even excellent in spots, but it's Dylan's commitment and intensity that carries the day here. It's like attending an old timey revival church service and getting caught up in the energy of the fire and brimstone sermonizing of a demented Elmer Gantry who looks at you with the light of fanaticism in his eyes and says: You're either with God or the devil, no compromise, no halfway there's, it's heaven of the burning fires of hell. You may not be a believer yourself but he makes you quake with fear that hellfire might await if you don't give your soul over to his vengeful judgemental God.The blistering Slow Train Coming and Serve Somebody are two terrific tracks, Bob is at his most dogmatic thundering at you from his pulpit using that ingenious wordplay of his to come up with different ways of telling you that you better damn well believe...or else! Another highlight is the swinging When You Gonna Wake up where Bob raps you on the forehead and let's you know it's time to stop sleepwalking through life and make God number one. The gospel When He Returns is another highlight with Bob toning down the strident attack with a nuanced vocal and emotionally resonant performancePerhaps my favorite track is the quirky God Gave Names to All the Animals where Bob again demonstrates his clever way with words while giving us deluded believers of that new fangled science stuff a lesson in biblical biology.Gonna Change My Way of Thinking uses some heavy chords for what is perhaps the hardest rocking tune he's ever recorded. Every track is at least listenable so there's no real letdown here. A must listen for any Dylan fan just to hear him reject his sinful past and that secular music that was really just the devil speaking through him. Of course as we all know, Bob eventually returned to that evil secular music and who knows what he really believes now, but his musical account of his conversion is quite fascinating. At least this lp, his other religious albums were not as compelling.

  • The album surely has some flaws but what artists have a song like "Man Gave Names to All the Animals" on any of their albums?

  • while a decidedly lesser effort from Dylan, Slow Train Coming is at least a very strong outing by the standards of the genre. It's a miracle that a Christian rock album is capable of attaining the rank of 'pretty good,' and Gotta Serve Somebody and the title track in particular certainly merit a few listens from Dylan fans. Needless to say the album wouldn't work without Knopfler, but as it stands there's enough craftsmanship to the songs and a sufficient amount of material that isn't explicitly Christian that a good chunk of the album can be enjoyed by those who're repelled by the prospect of a religious Dylan album.