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» » Judas Priest - Ram It Down
Judas Priest - Ram It Down album download

Judas Priest - Ram It Down album download

Judas Priest
Ram It Down
British Metal,Hard Rock,Heavy Metal,Album Rock
Recording location:
Puk Studios, Denmark
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1325 mb
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1697 mb
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This album is considered one of the leaders in the list of "undeservedly forgotten". In 1986, was released controversial album "Turbo", and in 1990 Judas Priest released their greatest masterpiece - "Painkiller". Thus, "Ram It Down" was between the two most discussed albums of Judas Priest and the period "between Turbo and Painkiller" was not very noticeable. But "Ram it Down" along with most of the records of the band is a real masterpiece of metal music. Judas Priest, as promised, had returned to the roots.

The album earned gold certification (500,000 sales) on 18 July 1988. The band toured in Europe and North America to support the release of the album. This is the last album to feature long-time drummer Dave Holland.

Скачать дискографию Judas Priest. Бесплатный архив зарубежной тяжёлой музыки Heavy Music Archive. More information is provided in this area of web-site. Warning: On this page you can find complete version of Judas Priest's - Ram It Down album. Ram It Down is avaliable for free download in MP3 format in bitrate 320 kbps. Also you can find whole (full) discography and other albums of Judas Priest.

Ram It Down’s Judas Priest was: - Robert John Arthur Halford ~ Vocals - Kenneth Downing Jr. ~ Lead Guitar - Glenn Raymond Tipton ~ Lead Guitar - Ian Frank Hill ~ Bass Guitar - David Holland ~ Drums. The sound change is evident as the albums kicks off with an old-fashioned scream from Halford, followed by higher-pitched and heavier guitars, as well as faster drums. Those who have heard Painkiller will certainly strongly recognize its features in its predecessor. We have entered the title track, which is very representative for the overall sound. Repetitive - VERY cheesy. Recommended tracks: Johnny B. Goode Ram It Down Blood Red Skies.

Ram It Down is rather an interesting release. Riding off of the success of Turbo, Judas Priest decided to take the remainder of songs they had (which were heavier and faster) and put them into another full-length release. To many, this album was better than Turbo (not my opinion, personally), but to the masses it was still kind of generic and kind of stagnant. To get my issues with Ram It Down out of the way, there are two things that hold it back: The production.

Produced by Judas Priest & Tom Allom. Raise the sights, the city lights are calling We're hot tonight, the time is right, there's nitro in the air In the street is where we'll meet, we're warning On the beat, we won't retreat, beware.

Track List

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 Ram It Down K.K. Downing / Rob Halford / Glenn Tipton Judas Priest 4:48
2 Heavy Metal K.K. Downing / Rob Halford / Glenn Tipton Judas Priest 5:58
3 Love Zone K.K. Downing / Rob Halford / Glenn Tipton Judas Priest 3:58
4 Come and Get It K.K. Downing / Rob Halford / Glenn Tipton Judas Priest 4:07
5 Hard as Iron K.K. Downing / Rob Halford / Glenn Tipton Judas Priest 4:09
6 Blood Red Skies K.K. Downing / Rob Halford / Glenn Tipton Judas Priest 7:50
7 I'm a Rocker K.K. Downing / Rob Halford / Glenn Tipton Judas Priest 3:58
8 Johnny B. Goode Chuck Berry Judas Priest 4:39
9 Love You to Death K.K. Downing / Rob Halford / Glenn Tipton Judas Priest 4:36
10 Monsters of Rock K.K. Downing / Rob Halford / Glenn Tipton Judas Priest 5:30
  • After a sales success, but critical failure, Judas Priest tried a Return to from with Ram It Down, going again to the Heavy Metal that made them legends, but the sound of the drums, some not that interesting writing, makes this the Weakest Judas Priest album with Halford on vocals.Track by track:1. Ram It Down: Amazing fast and heavy classic, one of the best songs of Judas Priest and an amazing guitar solo: 10/102. Heavy Metal: It starts with a killer guitar solo, and goes in a mid tempo of a song that carries with pride the name Heavy Metal, absolutely awesome: 10/103. Love Zone: Awful, this song is an absolute mess, boring and an abomination: 1/104. Come and Get It: The album recovers with this catchy driving song it's pretty nice: 9/105. Hard As Iron: Another fast song, definitely awesome: 10/106. Blood Red Skies: A Power Ballad, it is a very good one, it's epic: 10/107. I'm A Rocker: It's pretty nice, but it has very simple lyrics, that's what hurts this song: 8/108. Johnny B. Goode: The cover of Chuck Berry's classic, not as good as the original, but it gives respect to the original: 8/109. Love You To Death: Awful, it's like a Love Bites clone, a very crappy one just horrible: 1/1010. Monsters Of Rock: What a more bitter way to close an album than with the worst Judas Priest song. It would fit perfectly on Lulu, that's how bad it is: 1/10Final Rating: 6.8/10: It has amazing tracks, but has really awful tracks too, three tracks here are on my list of five worst Judas Priest songsTop 5 favorite Songs:1. Ram It Down 2. Heavy Metal 3. Hard As Iron4. Blood Red Skies 5. Come And Get It

  • Judas of the 90s. I didn't like it first after classic Priest albums. It is good enough and heavy and simple. A little bit on a Manowar territory.

  • After the supposed backlash following the Turbo album, Judas Priest made damn sure everyone knew they were a heavy, loud metal band. The question is why? First off Turbo is an excellent album. I don’t care what anyone says about the synthesizers. It wasn’t the catastrophe Priest fans made it out to be. That was Cheap Trick. [See Standing On The Edge.] However, on Ram It Down Judas Priest rams it down our throat they are heavy metal. Um OK but who didn’t know that? Isn't Judas Priest, that adult contemporary group? Said by no one. In their attempt to make an album to please their base they released a rushed album that lacks quality, especially side two. Ram It Down is a good album with songs like the killer title track, Heavy Metal, and Come And Get It. These tracks are some of Priest’s fiercest and heaviest songs of their career. Hard As Iron, with its supercool earthquake sounds, might be Priest’s most underrated track to date. Unfortunately, Ram It Down features some of Rod Halford’s most sterile lyrics. I’m A Rocker is a complete embarrassment. Love Zone, Monsters of Rock, which closes the album with a complete dud, and the way too long Blood Red Skies slow any moment for the second side. Also side two has the Chuck Berry cover Johnny B. Goode, which is completely superfluous. Only the S&M tinged Love You To Death, complete with whip cracking sound effects, saves side two from being complete filler even with a thousand cars and a million guitars. Hidden track: Hard As Iron

  • Ram it Down, part two of the Twin Turbos set, witch was the early title for Turbo (1986) and this 1988 album, it was intended as a double 2-CD set with one half side (or one CD) as Turbo and the second CD as Ram it Down, but Columbia Records objected.Turbo was released in 1986 while Ram it Down was released by May 1988, Ram it Down features the same sort of style used on the album Turbo.The album's drummer Dave Holland had had health problems during the recording process of the album, so Judas had to use a drum machine rather than bringing in another drummer, and to make the album, most of the drums were recorded by drum machine.Featuring some great tracks like "Ram it Down", "Heavy Metal", "Love Zone", "Come and Get it" and the classic "Hard as Iron", the album's first side is brilliant but side 2 is just very good.One of the better Judas albums since Screaming for Vengeance (1982).Top five best songs:1. Come And Get it2. Hard as Iron3. Heavy Metal4. Love Zone5. Ram it Down

  • In my Opinion, this Album is underrated. Far better than Turbo, a good Heavy Metal Album. I would give a 8 out of 10!

  • The cheap cologne stink of their previous album "Turbo" still lingers on many of these songs, but the approaching greatness of 1990's classic "Painkiller" is hinted at as well. I would say this album is a midpoint of Judas Priest's artform between their 80s and 90s identities. It's clear they were still groping around in the search for their "new thing". Ram it Down is sort of a highway to nowhere, an experiment that probably taught the band something but is less interesting for the listener. Perhaps it was the stress involving the suicide case in 1990 that gave them the kick in the ass they needed to produce such a great followup album in Painkiller.The above User Reviewer said it well when they said that this was Manowar territory. I would definitely agree, in the sense that it's kitsch, good heavy metal diluted down with a heaping dose of plastic, WWF nonsense. One could easily imagine Macho Man Randy Savage strutting out of a curtain of smoke to the blaring beats of Ram it Down.Either way, if you are looking to cruise around in a red 1994 Chevy Camero on a hot summer night and you wanna play something loud that really expresses your manhood, this wouldn't be a bad album to go with.