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» » Muse - Drones
Muse - Drones album download

Muse - Drones album download

Alternative Pop/Rock,Post-Grunge,Neo-Prog,Alternative/Indie Rock
Recording location:
Officine Meccaniche Recording Studios, Milan, Italy
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Drones is the seventh studio album by English rock band Muse, released on 5 June 2015 by Helium-3 and Warner Bros. After their previous albums incorporated orchestral and electronic music, Muse aimed to return to a more straightforward rock sound. The album was recorded between October 2014 and April 2015 at the Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, and was produced by the band and Robert John "Mutt" Lange.

Matthew Bellamy, Dominic Howard, Christopher Wolstenholme. Muse and Robert "Mutt" Lange. Helium 3, Warner, A&E Records. CD, CD+DVD, 2LP, download, cassette . CD+DVD+2LP (Muse. Catalogue №. 825646121250 (CD) . 825646121236 (CD+DVD). 825646014903 (Cassette). 1 (GB, US, DE, FI, AR, BE, HK, IL, PT, RU, UA) .

Released June 5, 2015. 1. Dead Inside Lyrics. After experimenting with lush electronic and orchestral arrangements on their previous two albums, Muse’s seventh studio album is a return to their basics. It is a loose concept album based on one person’s struggle in a dystopian society controlled by robotics and drones. Themes include mind control, revolution, love (or lack thereof), militarisation, governments and more. Singer Matt Bellamy said if there was one take-home message for listeners it would be

Album · 2015 · 12 Songs. Ditching the dubstep and EDM influences of 2012’s The 2nd Law in favor of old-fashioned rock ballistics, Muse’s seventh album is a wide-angle, bold-faced attack on the dehumanizing effects of modern war. Produced by Mutt Lange (famous in part for the tank-like sound of AC/DC and Def Leppard in their prime), Drones mashes together the high drama of late-'90s Radiohead ( Psycho ) with the pyrotechnics of Van Halen ( Reapers ) and the grand sweep of both U2 and Pink Floyd-bands who have always chosen to go big or go home.

Listen free to Muse – Drones (Dead Inside, and more). I went very internal, very into my paranoias, weird feelings and life experiences. It’s quite personal, says Matt Bellamy of his new songs, explaining that opening track Dead Inside is about a relationship ending and a person becoming dead inside themselves. There’s not a lot of love on this album. Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at Last.

Track List

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 Dead Inside Matthew Bellamy Muse 4:23
2 [Drill Sergeant] Matthew Bellamy Muse 0:21
3 Psycho Matthew Bellamy Muse 5:16
4 Mercy Matthew Bellamy Muse 3:51
5 Reapers Matthew Bellamy Muse 5:59
6 The Handler Matthew Bellamy Muse 4:33
7 [JFK] Matthew Bellamy Muse 0:54
8 Defector Matthew Bellamy Muse 4:32
9 Revolt Matthew Bellamy Muse 4:05
10 Aftermath Matthew Bellamy Muse 5:47
11 The Globalist Matthew Bellamy / Edward Elgar Muse 10:07
12 Drones Matthew Bellamy / Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina Muse 2:51
  • I'm thinking this could be the best their album. It's clear what they wanted to say, it's clear how beautiful they did it, it's clear how important it is. The strongest song is definitely Handler, although it couldn't be any other way as this is where the story changes. So it is strong, complicated story about all of us since we all at least once felt that there is no point to go on, moreover, we can't go on, so we do what we're told in oder not to think at all. Seems it's the only way we can survive, but this album tells us we were born not to survive but to live. Remember that.

  • By far their best album, a bold statement. Rock of the highest order.

  • Since "Absolution," Muse has seen a gradual dip in the quality of its albums “Drones,” their last, is also, for me, their least album. This is the first Muse album that I feel does not have a single song that transcends into awesomeness.The album begins with a decent opener with “Dead Inside,” though it’s the lesser of all of Muse’s opening songs. Following a pointless 20 seconds of a drill sergeant screaming at a soldier, comes the awesome guitar riffs of “Psycho,” which then rolls into the signature pop drum beats of many great Muse songs. This song is only ruined by the drill sergeant, which is a bit too heavy-handed. “Reapers” and “The Handler” are both songs that sound like they come from “Origin of Symmetry,” and these are two of this album’s better songs as well. Other songs are less memorable, such as “Mercy” and “Defector,” the latter of which puts a JFK speech to silly use. The end of the album sputters out with lackluster songs, though “The Globalist” has some nice stretches of guitar riffs during its 10 minute run time.This isn’t a bad album. Thematically it isn’t particularly subtle, nor very imaginative. Stylistically it’s a bit uneven, switching from hard rock to electronic pop and back again. But it has enough good songs to warrant a listen.Highlights:Dead Inside, Psycho, The Handler

  • It's a good work, but some lyrics are terribles. I like it, it is heavy and dirty, but it's does not has greats musics that will be classical in the future. The ambition is cool, but it's seems very exaggerated some times. 8/10.Best songs: Dead Inside, Reapers, The Handler, Aftermath.Ps: Revolt and Defector has good chorus.I'm just learnin' english yet, sorry for any mistake.

  • Best Tracks: Dead InsideMercyReapersAftermath

  • Better than the 2nd Law, but then the worst album outside of that album. There is some extreme guitar show-boating (tap-laden solo). The song "Dead Inside" is great, and the last couple of tracks remind me of the old creative muse who could incorporate multiple genres. Most of the songs however are hookless, uninspired very hard rock songs with INANE childish lyrics. Turn off Alex Jones Matt Bellamy and start reading real literature and deal with timeless issues!I attribute the improvements over the 2nd law to be because of the absence of Kate Hudson, aka the BANDKILLER (just ask the Black Crowes!)

  • Story about man who was destroyed by love and become drone and than free himself is very cheap, stupid and boring. Lyrics are annoying as never before. Some songs like Reapers and Handler evoke old good muse, but something is missing. I think its honesty. Whole album sounds like some "droned" made Muse to do that. I cant feel true emotion from this. Im so sorry, but i cant give this more, than 60%

  • This album is a loud obnoxious mess. The music is way to loud and the lyrics are literally droned out. Muse use two be a solid band but their last to albums haven't lived up to their early work.

  • This album is mediocre! The guitar work and the bass lines are good! But, the vocals and the lyrics are poor! I kinda like The Globalist and Psycho, though!

  • Oh fuck Muse, did you going down so much? What the hell happened to the things that you made in the past decade?? Where the hell is the Old Muse on this album? Where are the promises (Drones is heavy, the concept is great, etc... etc...) that you say months before the release of this album? Really this is the best album that you make it? Oh...F**ck, where is your brain??I still very sad because i've expected that Drones have could been the best album of 2015, but the result is that Drones is not only the worst album of 2015, so, for me, is one of the worst albums that i've even heard in the last 3 years. First, the cover is ridiculous, the concept is stupid, the idea of the concept previously it wasn't nothing bad, but the result is very stupid, childiest and cheapiest , ohh F**CK I so hate much the 3 last songs!! Horrible and so booring orchesta, and the worst of all, don't search a memorable song because isn't there (Well, only The Handler and Reapers). Ah! and there is not at all, the lyrics are a piece sh**t! (Specially in Psycho..... OK, relax man, relax. F***CK!! I remember the sargeant dialogue, I'm gonna smash this f**cking crap! (OKNO) ). Well, this is all that I have about to say about Drones, the only thing that apreciate of this is The Handle and Reapers, very good songs, (specially the last one, i've consider the brother of "Hysteria") and the Guitar work, but Muse, I go serious in this moment, you make an album similar to this, and you gonna spit in the face of many fans that loved the old times of Muse (Yeah yeah, Even the 2nd Law is more forgiven than this). So, I'm so sad for putting this note, an 1,5/5